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NAC Report to Supervising Courts

National Administration Committee's Report to Supervising Courts

Appendix A - AFN Political Agreement

Appendix B - Agreement in Principle

Appendix C - Section 4.10, 4.11 and 4.12 of the IRSSA

Appendix D - Record of Decisions

Appendix E - CEP Protocol

Appendix F - Reconsideration Process Document

Appendix G - CEP Appeal Protocol

Appendix H - NAC Appeal Package Summary (Redacted)

Appendix I - Sample NAC Decisions

Appendix J - Standard statements in NAC Appeals

Appendix K - Court Appeal Form

Appendix L - Chief Adjudicator's Guidelines

Appendix M - Personal Credits

Appendix N - Distribution of DAF - Terms and Conditions

Appendix O - June 22, 2010 NAC Meeting Minutes

Appendix P - Administrative Judges' Response to Request for Guidance

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